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Our Vision

Organisation Overview


Africa’s sustainable development, prosperity, and peaceful coexistence


To promote the peaceful coexistence, sustainable development and the emergence of transformative institutions in Africa through research, awareness creation, capacity building and development activities in partnership with professional organisations, educational institutions, local community, government, civil society, multilateral organisations and the private sector.


V – Value people because our lives and business revolve around people. Value the environment because it is a loan to us from future generations. Value creation because it is entrusted by God to us to dress and keep.

A – Acceptance, we accept and respect people irrespective of their colour, race or religion. We do not define people in terms of black or white as all people are different shades of brown.

L – Learning, we must keep learning and adapting to new ways of doing things because we live in a dynamic & complex world.

U – Understanding, approaching issues with systems thinking and showing empathy, respecting diversity, promoting teamwork, unity and participatory approaches in all our work

E – Excellence, we must continue to be our best in integrity, honesty and humility and promote equity and justice in every given situation/opportunity.

S – Strategic in focus, relevance, response-ability, partnerships and in contributing to the sustainable development goals