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Reimagining Education in Times of Disruption

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Reimagining Education in Times of Disruption

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, seems to have signalled the beginning of a new age for education. This unprecedented public health emergency, marked by an education crisis, has focused a stark spotlight on the many gaps and inequities evident in our schools and society.  This thus provides us with an opportunity to revisit the status quo and engage with school leaders, teachers, students, parents/carers, and other education stakeholders to reimagine education as a holistic, practical and necessary endeavour that makes education for all learners essential, equitable, experiential, engaging, relevant and fun!

Aside from the academic needs and expectations, the psychological, interpersonal, and emotional needs of students, staff and families have emerged as critical issues that also need to be addressed. We would all agree that we cannot return completely to the way things were before the pandemic or to business as usual.   As the purposes of education, knowledge and learning are evolving with the inclusion of concepts like innovation, preparedness, empowerment, ethical behaviour, accountability, resilience and societal transformation, it is vital that any reimagining of education should be multigenerational.  In other words, the views and expectations of young people should be sought and considered in delivering a future that they can contribute to, excel in and be proud of.

It is therefore incumbent on School leaders and other stakeholders to evaluate the context under which they operate and take advantage of the opportunities we now have, to find appropriate and future-proof solutions - recognising that young people today need the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be fully prepared, realising their potential and be able to thrive effectively in this evolving world.

Our training in this regard will begin with a free Webinar with the theme ‘Reimagining Education in Times of Disruption’. The Webinar has been scheduled for Friday 28th of August 2020 by 3:30 pm WAT.


How to get the most from the course

- Participate by asking questions and/or sharing good practice as appropriate.

- Determine to unlearn old habits and practices that have not been effective in improving student learning.

- Think of how to adapt new learning or strategies to your local context.

- Commit to embedding new learning into your school processes and other learning environment.

- Share new learning with other members of staff and parents (where applicable).

- Subscribe to the ITQ (Improving Teacher/Teaching Quality) 2020 Webinar Course series.


Primary Speakers

  1. Oke Eleyae –Education Consultant and Founder, Kiko Educational United Kingdom
  2. Toyin Imisioluwa - The Pastoral Coordinator, Deputy Designated Safegaurding Lead, Springhall British School, Abuja
  3. Tega Ogbuigwe - Advocate for Parental Engagement in Children’s Learning, New Zealand
  4. Enakoro Eleyae - GCSE Student United Kingdom
  5. Debby Wambui Nduta - Biotechnology Student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology Kenya


  1. Akpezi Ogbuigwe - Advisor for Africa UNU Regional Centre of Expertise and founder, Anpez Centre for Environment and Development
  2. Everest Nwankwo -MD Anpez Centre Port Harcourt and lead researcher on UNESCO Study team on Reorienting Education and Training Systems to Improve the Lives of Indigenous and Marginalized Youths.


Certificate of Attendance for this webinar will be provided to all who have attended the live broadcast for a minimum of one (1) Hour

Register to attend here.